Connie Vinci

Ponderings and Wanderings

Ministry of Spiritual Dialogue

Promoting Peaceful Changes

Gain higher perspective.

Reframe Situations.

Interpret events anew.

Ground, center and balance your energy.

Support intended changes.

Experience greater Peace.

Tools Available
Active Listening -- spiritual dialogue based on the premise that you do have the answers within you and can access them when a compassionate sounding board listens neutrally and offers support.

Reiki -- a system of techniques to give you more energy to apply to any area of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Can be done with hands off the body, sent over any distance

Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards -- graphic symbols for increasing self-awareness

Guided relaxation and meditation -- to reduce stress, increase creativity, gain self awareness, and spiritual growth.

Fees are suggested at $1.00 per minute of a session, beginning 5 minutes after conversation begins. 

You choose the length of the session and your investment. No one is turned away for financial hardship. Donations are welcomed.

Sessions are done online via Zoom or Skype or email (

Payments are through PayPal.