Connie Vinci

Ponderings and Wanderings

Connie Vinci

born in Keokuk, Iowa ("where?") in 1951

graduated from Burlington, Iowa, High School in 1969

currently living in southwestern Michigan

married to David Vinci on November 9, 1974 -- wow!

two wonderful children, now adults who enjoy their privacy

six wonderful grandchildren

retired massage therapist and Reiki Master/energy worker

semi-retired interfaith minister with a ministry of spiritual dialogue and mentoring. Ordained by Reunion Ministries, 1998.

avid knitter! Elizabeth Zimmermann ("EZ") is my hero! Meg Swansen, Barbara Benson, Patty Lyons, Roxanne Richardson, Laura Nelkin, and Kristin Omdahl are other favorites in my knitting world. I continue to discover designers and teachers who inspire me and expand my skills.

fan of Star Trek (all versions), Miss Fisher mysteries, CSI and NCIS series, Ancient Aliens, and mediums

willing to follow intuition; to learn about unusual aspects of the universe, including extraterrestrials; to experiment with energy balancing tools like tuning forks, crystals, orgone energy, and more; uses tarot and oracle cards for personal growth and meditation.

celebrating life every day, even in midst of the prolonged pandemic, 2020 - 2021