Connie Vinci

Ponderings and Wanderings

July 29, 2014: I sit here, at age 63, and ponder what to say as I begin this home page on my own website. I believe that youngsters can do this more easily than I, meaning be verbal, social, and chatty online.

I've experienced that life is very interesting, and I wonder what I can offer that others might find valuable.

"Who am I? Why am I here?" On the internet, in the world, in my family? Questions that have been in people's minds since people began -- except for the internet part. That has only been the past twenty-something years, hasn't it!

If you are here and looking for something exciting, new, profound or entertaining, you'll need to bear with me. For, I'm still under construction, and those qualities are rarely obvious yet.

August 6, 2014: I may not have much to share, but these favorite websites of mine are places I've found interesting. Hope you find something valuable, too.

April 6, 2015: Much has transpired since starting this site, and life is good. Enjoy your choices, breathe deeply and often, and find at least three things a day to be grateful for. All is well!

Pages Yet to Come:

Spiritual and Metaphysical Interests